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"... and dear Aunt Elladora... she started the family tradition of beheading house-elves when they got too old to carry tea trays..."
Sirius Black tells Harry Potter of the House of Black[src]

Elladora Black (18501931) was a pure-blood witch, member of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.


Elladora was born in 1850.

She was possibly the daughter of Cygnus Black I and his wife Ella Max. Her siblings were Sirius Black I, Phineas Nigellus, and Isla. She never married or had children.[1]

Elladora instituted the policy of cutting off the heads of the family house-elves and mounting them on the wall once they became too old to carry a tea tray.

Behind the scenes

  • Based on a statement by Horace Slughorn, Elladora may have been a member of the Slytherin House. This is most likely true, since Sirius Black said all of his family was in the Slytherin House. However, she attended Hogwarts c. 1861 - 1868, when Slughorn was not the Potions teacher.
  • Elladora and her siblings may have been children of Cygnus Black I and Ella Max. In this case, their uncle would have been Arcturus Black I, Cygnus' brother, and aunt Misapinoa Blishwick née Black.
  • Elladora's and Callidora's pictures on the Black family tree tapestry are the same. Also, Callidora and Elladora have similar names.
  • Sirius once said to Harry, "dear Aunt Elladora", but on the Black family tree, Elladora is Sirius' great-great-great aunt. Sirius may not have wanted to bore Harry with "great-great-great aunt", and just chosen to call her aunt, as it was easier.
  • Elladora was only three years old when her elder brother Sirius died.
  • Elladora could have possibly been a half-namesake for Callidora, as both have names ending with Dora (which is the nickname of Elladora's four-greats-niece, given to her by her father, though Tonks came from her disowned mother).


  • The name Ella is a Norman form of the Germanic Alia, meaning "other".[2] It is also possibly related to Aella, a Greek name meaning "whirlwind". Aella of mythology was an Amazon killed by Hercules. The name Dora, often considered a diminutive of Theodora, is derived from the Greek word doron, meaning "gift".[3]
  • Elladora was probably named after her mother Ella.


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