Elfrida Cragg was a witch, whose Portrait hung at the Headquarters of the British Ministry of Magic. In 1995, Everard went into her portrait to find out what happened to Arthur Weasley following the attack on him by Nagini.


The name "Elfrida" is from the Old English name Ælfþryð, meaning "elf strength" from the element ælf combined with þryð, "strength". Ælfþryð was a 10th-century queen of England. This name was rare after the Norman conquest, but it was revived in the 19th century.

Behind the scenes

  • Elfrida Cragg is possibly a misspelling of Elfrida Clagg. This is likely, as Clagg was a celebrated Chieftainess of the Wizards' Council, the organisation that preceded the Ministry of Magic in Britain.


Notes and references