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Painting of an elephant

A painting of an elephant at Hogwarts

The elephant was the largest land mammal on earth, characterised by its long trunk, tusks, big, flat ears, column-like legs, and greyish to brown skin.[1] There were two main extant species of elephant as of the 20th century, one (Loxodonta africana) native to Africa, the other (Elephas maximus) native to south and south-east Asia.[1]

Hedley Fleetwood had a Patronus that took the form of a woolly mammoth, an extinct species of elephant, a rare example of someone having an extinct animal as a Patronus.[2]

At an International Symposium of Animagi held circa 2016, students from Uagadou School of Magic, a school located in Uganda, transformed into their Animagus forms (which included elephants and cheetahs) in a synchronised demonstration.[3]

A painting of an elephant hung in the Grand Staircase at Hogwarts.[4]

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