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Eldritch Diggory was Minister for Magic sometime after 1938[1].


Early life

Minister Diggory was born into the Diggory family, a wizarding family of unknown blood status. At an unknown point (though probably at age eleven like most children) he bought a wand at Ollivanders Wand Shop; it was recorded to have been made of poplar wood.

Later life

Diggory was later appointed as the British Minister for Magic; according to Garrick Ollivander, he was one of the most accomplished Ministers in history, and owned a "fine" poplar wand.[2]


Notes and references

  1. Garrick Ollivander describes what his wand was made from; Ollivander did not come of age - and able to own the business - until 1938, so Edritch must have been eleven in or after this date.
  2. Pottermore wand wood information (transcription available here)

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