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"We tried to shut Percy in a pyramid. But Mum spotted us."
George Weasley[src]

Egypt is an African country in north-east Africa, and is the earliest place where magic has been recorded. In its society, wizards and witches were held in high esteem. Egyptian wizards also had a tendency to place curses on tombs, which Gringotts Curse Breakers try to break. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. The Nile River runs through here. Egypt is most famous for its three magnificent pyramids, one of which nearly got Percy Weasley as a permanent resident (courtesy of his brothers) had his mother not intervened.

Magical education

Egyptian witches and wizards have the option to attend Uagadou School of Magic.

Known residents

Bill Weasley worked in Egypt as a Curse Breaker before taking a desk job in England. The Weasley family visited him there and also toured some of the Egyptian tombs. One of the pyramids that the family toured was full of skeletons of Muggles who had broken in and had "grown extra heads and stuff."

Hassan Mostafa is from Egypt.

Magical creatures

  • The Erumpent can be found in Egypt.
  • The Fwooper can be found in Egypt.
  • The Nundu can be found in Egypt.
  • The Phoenix is native to Egypt.
  • The Sphinx is native to Egypt.

Behind the scenes