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"Eels' Eyes can be used in all sorts of potions."
Eel eyes are eels' optical organs. They are used in potion-making. They might be an ingredient for the Bulgeye Potion.[1] The Apothecary in Diagon Alley sells jars of eels' eyes for one Galleon each.[2]

According to a painting at St Mungo's, one must stand naked in a barrel of eel's eyes at the full moon with a frog's liver tied tightly about one's throat to cure Spattergroit; the legitimacy of this claim remains somewhat unconfirmed.


Eel eyes

Eels' eyes.

Notes and references

  1. Although not stated, this is implied on the "Eel Eyes" card from Harry Potter: Trading Card Game, where it is stated that when using the card, one can take a "Bulgeye Potion" from his/her deck.
  2. Pottermore

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