E. L. Filhus was the editor for The New York Ghost in the 1920s.[1][2]


In the 1 December 1926 issue, Filhus wrote an editorial about the threat Gellert Grindelwald posed to the United States, titled "MACUSA... is the USA ready?".[2][3]

An editorial of theirs, entitled "Grindelwald's Stratagem? World Domination?", appeared in the 6 December sunrise edition.[4] In the day's sunset edition, Filhus wrote a report about an address that Seraphina Picquery, the President of MACUSA, was slated to give to the "fearful" American wizarding community.[1] An editorial of theirs on an unknown subject was published in the same issue.[1]

They wrote a report, published in the 7 December 1926 sunset edition, about how President Picquery was calling for Aurors to be on "full alert" because foreign wizarding powers had not yet committed to helping deal with the recent secrecy breaches in New York.[5] This issue also featured an editorial by them on an unknown subject.[5]

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