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"Dymphna Furmage (1612—1698): Famously abducted by pixies while on holiday on Cornwall and lived in mortal dread of them thereafter. Failed to persuade the Ministry of Magic to have all pixies humanely destroyed."
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Dymphna Furmage (16121698) was a witch who famously campaigned for the destruction of Pixies after being abducted by them while holidaying in Cornwall.



A younger Dymphna.

Early life

Ms. Furmage was born in 1612, somewhere in the British Isles. If she enrolled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she attended the school from around 1623 to 1630.


Sometime in the mid to late seventeenth century, Furmage went on holiday to Cornwall, in southwest England. There, she was the victim of an abduction by Pixies, a species of pesky beast endemic to the region. As a result Ms. Furmage developed a mortal dread of them for the rest of her life.


Ms. Furmage is abducted by Pixies.

Later, and most assuredly fuelled by her fear of the Pixies, she strongly campaigned for the Ministry of Magic to "humanely [destroy]" all of the species. She failed, however, and ended up dying in 1698, still in mortal dread of the mischievous creatures.


The name "Dymphna" is the anglicised form of Damhnait. Saint Dymphna was a seventh-century Irish saint who was martyred by her father. She is the patron saint of the mentally ill.


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