Colin Creevey: "It's Colin Creevey… I was taking pictures of the dungeons when I was caught by Filch. He put me in here and said I'd have to remain here for the rest of the day."
Harry Potter: "That's a bit extreme, isn't it? They must be hiding something."
Colin Creevey: "I'm lucky Filch didn't hang me from the walls in shackles. It's cold and dark in here — can you throw that switch on the wall and let me out?"
Harry Potter stumbles upon Colin Creevey locked in the cell[src]

There was a cell at Dungeon-level of Hogwarts Castle. It was located on a room beneath Severus Snape's office; it could be accessed via a metal trapdoor located on a small room with shackles hanging from the walls, opposite Snape's office. The only way out was through a set of stairs, locked from the inside, that was across a series of stone platforms floating over a deep chasm. The cell barely had space for one person, and was dark and cold.[1]

Colin Creevey was thrown into this cell by caretaker Argus Filch during his first year. He had been found taking pictures of the dungeons around Severus Snape's office. Harry Potter, who was sneaking around too, stumbled upon Colin, and freed him by activating a switch on the wall; as a reward, Colin gave him Newt Scamander's Chocolate Frog Card.[1]


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