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{{Object infobox
{{Object infobox
|image=[[File:Alberic Grunnion.JPG|250px]]
|manufacturer=[[Alberic Grunnion]]
|manufacturer=[[Alberic Grunnion]]

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"Dungbombs rule"
Ron Weasley on Dungbombs[src]

A Dungbomb is a magical stink bomb that gives off a putrid odour. Dungbombs were invented in the 1800s by Alberic Grunnion. When handled, Dungbombs leave a person's hands dirty.

Known Uses

Despite (or perhaps due to) Filch's dislike of them, students use them at school, most notably in 1996 in the aftermath of Fred and George Weasley's departure. The Weasley twins once set a Dungbomb off under their Auntie Muriel's chair, leading her to never visit again, and she subsequently wrote them out of her will.

In 1995, Nymphadora Tonks also taught Ginny Weasley to test a door for an Imperturbable Charm, by checking if Dungbombs bounced away after being flicked at the door in question. Later that same year, Filch accused Harry Potter of using an owl to order Dungbombs, when he was actually sending a secret letter to Sirius Black, and Harry truthfully denied it.

Students are constantly reminded that dungbombs are banned items at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Dumbledore, though only under the request of Filch.

Behind the scenes

  • Dungbombs are found as items in the video games, and can be thrown to distract people.
  • Another form of dungbomb is Stink Pellets.


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