The Dugbog was a marsh-dwelling magical creature found in Europe and North and South America.


It resembled a piece of dead wood while stationary. It had finned paws and sharp teeth, and glided through marshland, feeding on small animals, and occasionally attacking the ankles of humans who ventured into its habitat. Its favourite food was the Mandrake, and due to this, Mandrake-growers have found their plants nothing more than a bloody mess when they pulled them out of the ground.


In 1926, The New York Ghost reported the attack on a No-Maj by a dugbog, whilst this person was hiking in Great Lakes.[1]

When Ron Weasley was to write an essay on resisting Dementors in his sixth year for Professor Snape for the Defence Against the Dark Arts, due to the Spell-Checking Quill's effects eroding from time, the term "Dementors" on the essay changed to "Dugbogs".[2]



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