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Harry Potter: "Beat up another 10-year-old?"
Dudley Dursley: "This one deserved it."
Gang: "Yeah."
Harry Potter: "Five against one, very brave."
— Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley and his gang[src]

Dudley Dursley's gang was a group of bullies led by Dudley Dursley. Dudley was in charge by virtue of being the biggest, strongest, and (according to Harry) dumbest of the lot of them.

In 1995, the gang would roam the streets around Little Whinging harassing other people. They covered their actions by telling their parents they were going to another member of the gang's house for tea every night.

It is unknown if Dudley maintained contact with the gang after the Second Wizarding War, though given the fact that he started becoming kinder to Harry and came to see the wrongness of his actions through his experience with the Dementors, this is very unlikely.

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