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"This purple potion will make the drinker drowsy at once and help them get some peace and rest."
The Potion for Dreamless Sleep[1] is a purple medicinal potion that is used to induce drowsiness and, if done properly, provide a dreamless sleep for the drinker.

Harry Potter used it after he saw Lord Voldemort return in Little Hangleton in 1995. It was recommended to him by Albus Dumbledore, and administered by Madam Pomfrey.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • As Harry only drank a portion of it at first and woke up earlier than the others had expected, it is likely the amount of the potion taken is proportional to the amount of time the drinker sleeps.
  • Although the "In the Story" links on the sidebar identify this potion as the "Sleeping Draught", a potion with which it shares many similarities, the potion is a collectible item and it is called "Potion for Dreamless Sleep" in the trunk description.


Notes and references

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