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Rubeus Hagrid using dragon meat after he is injured by Grawp.

Dragon meat is a piece of a dragon's flesh, and it is bloody and green-tinged in appearance. It is put on cuts and bruises for easing the pain of the injuries. Though it is unknown if raw dragon meat is safe for eating, it can be used to prepare dragon tartare, which gives the eater bad breath.[1] It tastes comparable to pheasant, at least according to Neville Longbottom.[2]

When Hagrid returned from his trip to the giants with many injuries (actually acquired from his half-brother Grawp), he put a bloody, green-tinged, dragon meat steak slightly larger than an average car tire on his face as it helped the stinging.[3] He then fed it to Fang who was drooling over it.


  • In the book dragon meat is large and green while in the films it resembles a regular steak.
  • The price of dragon meat is unknown but given the comparative rarity of dragons it would be considered rather expensive. In spite of this Hagrid was able to buy a piece the size of a car tire and was willing to feed it to Fang.


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