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Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit

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"First sparks, usually accompanied by thick grey smoke, appear at around six months. However, the ability to fly is normally developed later, at around twelve months and your dragon will not be fully mature until he is two years old. Your dragon requires a lot of care during these first few months."
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Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit was a book, copyrighted in 1658,[1] concerning the breeding of dragons. Rubeus Hagrid borrowed a copy of this book from the Hogwarts Library in 1992 so that he could learn how to care for a dragon egg he had acquired.[2] According to him, the book was outdated, but still contained useful information, such as to keep the egg in a fireplace because the mother dragon would normally breathe fire on them, and that, once hatched, the baby dragon should be fed a bucket of brandy mixed with chicken blood on a half-hour basis.[2] Further topics covered in the book included "Dragons of the World", "Essential Equipment", "Recognising Dragon Eggs (and where to look for them)" and an "A-Z of Ailments".[3]


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