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Harry Potter: "Hermione, do you think you can do it?"
Hermione Granger: "*Crawls under door and opens book* Got it! The Draconifors spellbook!"
Hermione Granger taking the book from Professor Binns's room[src]

The Draconifors spellbook is a book containing information and instructions on the Draconifors Transfiguration spell. One copy was owned by Cuthbert Binns, and he kept it, like his other books, in Classroom 4F, where he taught History of Magic, though in a locked side-room. It was apparently protected using magic as well as a metal door because after the book was removed, a heavy tapestry appeared across the exit. Hermione Granger snuck into the room one night and quickly studied the book, learnt the spell, and used it on a dragon statue to burn the tapestry and leave.[1]


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