Dougal McBride was the Seeker for the Pride of Portree.[1] During a match with the Appleby Arrows, he crashed into the opposing team's Seeker, Gregory Cotton, while both were racing to catch the Golden Snitch.[1][2][3] Cotton came out holding the Snitch, but an altercation with McBride ensued, during which jinxes were illegally exchanged, and McBride transfigured Cotton's head into a cabbage.[2][3] McBride defended his actions to the referee, Josiah Plunkett, by claiming that Cotton had hit him with a Jelly-Fingers Curse during the race for the Snitch, and thus deserved to be "cabbaged."[1][4]


The name "Dougal" is the anglicised form of the Gaelic name Dubhghall, which meant "dark stranger" from dubh "dark" and gall "stranger".


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