This letter was written in September of 1995 by Dolores Umbridge to Professor Minerva McGonagall, to inform her of the actions of Harry Potter, who is in her House. Umbridge gave the letter to Harry to deliver. She sealed the parchment seamlessly to ensure Harry could not read it beforehand, but Minerva was able to open it with a tap of her wand.



I would like to bring to your
attention the insolent behaviour,
in class, of Mr Potter.
The following reprimandable incidents
occurred under my authority:
1- Potter shouted at me in class.
2- Potter called me a liar in class.
3- Potter alleged that He who must
not be named
has returned.

I trust you will consider these
transgressions with due severity.

Dolores Umbridge

Behind the scenes

  • At the top of the letter, which is written on pink parchment, an angry-looking kitten can be seen peering out of some leaves.
  • The contents of the letter are not seen in either the book or the film, but are only revealed in Harry Potter Limited Edition. In the book, Umbridge seals the letter shut with a spell. Also in the book, however, Minerva McGonagall reads each of the allegations out loud to Harry and asks him to verify that they are true, then offers him a biscuit. Additionally, in the book, the letter also contained the details of Umbridge's chosen punishment-- detention with her every evening that school week.