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Divorce was the legal dissolution of a marriage between two people.[1]

Celestina Warbeck married one of her backing dancers early in her career.[2] She divorced him after only a year.[2] Some time later, she married her manager, and they had a son together.[2] However, after ten years of marriage, Warbeck divorced him in order to marry Irving Warble, a music composer.[2]

Orford Umbridge and Ellen Cracknell had an unhappy marriage which apparently ended in divorce.[3] After the breakdown of their relationship, their family "split down the middle," with Orford, a wizard, taking the couple's magical daughter, Dolores, and Ellen, a Muggle, taking the couple's Squib son.[3]

Sybill Trelawney was briefly married to a man named Higglebottom when she was young. However, when she refused to take his surname, their marriage ended in "unforeseen rupture."[4]

In 1995, a famous actress and her famous husband got divorced, an event that was reported on the seven o'clock news in the United Kingdom.[5] Petunia Dursley expressed objection to the news programme's decision to cover the story, remarking that no one was "interested in [the couple's] sordid affairs," despite the fact that she had been obsessively following the couple's relationship in magazines.[5]


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