"Not now thanks, I'm pickling some slugs."
—Dishevelled Wizard.[src]

The Dishevelled Wizard[1] was a wizard who rode the Knight Bus on at least one occasion, the 6 August of 1993. He sleep-talked, that night about pickling slugs. 


The wizard was born sometime prior to 1993; due to his grey hair and wrinkled skin, it is likely that he was rather old. He seemed to be a good sleeper, or else rode the Knight Bus rather frequently, as he managed to stay asleep throughout his whole ride. On the 6th of August in 1993, this warlock rode the Knight Bus, falling asleep at the rear of the vehicle. He rode at the same time as the famous Harry Potter, but due to his unconscious state was not aware of the fact. He sleep-talked, and spoke on that night of pickling slugs.

Physical appearance

The wizard had tanned, wrinkled skin and a somewhat long, pointy nose. He had holes in the toes of his black socks, and shoulder-length grey hair. He donned a greying wizard's hat and a black (though somewhat grwy) bath-robe, on the 6th of August.

Behind the scenes

  • The script identifies him as "Dishevelled Wizard"[1].


Notes and references

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