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Dirk Cresswell's wife

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Mrs. Cresswell was the wife of Dirk Cresswell. She and Dirk had at least two sons together.

In 1997, Dirk, as a Muggle-born wizard, arranged to have his family tree falsified to avoid persecution by the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. Unfortunately, Albert Runcorn uncovered the plan, and Dirk was arrested. Arthur Weasley confronted Runcorn (who, at the time, was actually Harry Potter under Polyjuice Potion), suggesting that, if Dirk made it out of Azkaban alive, Runcorn would have to answer to Dirk's wife and their sons.

Dirk managed to escape before being imprisoned, but, after a few months on the run, he was caught and murdered by Snatchers, leaving Mrs. Cresswell a widow.


Notes and references

  1. As Mrs Cresswell wasn´t inprisoned in Azkaban by the muggle-born registration comision in 1998, it is possible that she isn´t muggle-born.

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