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"Somebody told me that Hagrid's evil twin, Dirgah, is hiding in the forbidden corridor and Dumbledore doesn't know how to get rid of him."
Hogwarts student in 1991[src]

Dirgah Hagrid was supposedly Rubeus Hagrid's evil twin brother. In 1991 there was rumour among the Hogwarts student body that the Forbidden Corridor housed Dirgah because Headmaster Dumbledore did not know how to get rid of him.[1] This proved false, as the contents of the Forbidden Corridor were a series of obstacles to protect the Philosopher's Stone.

Behind the scenes

  • "Dirgah" is "Hagrid" spelt backwards. Therefore, "Dirgah Hagrid" spelt backwards is "Dirgah Hagrid" as well. Thus his full name is a palindrome.


Notes and references

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