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Diminuendo is the incantation for a charm that forces objects to shrink.

Known uses

During the 1995–1996 school year, Nigel Wolpert used this spell on a mechanical Death Eater target in the Room of Requirement during a D.A. meeting.


  • In music, Diminuendo is a word indicating changes of dynamics; means "getting gradually softer".
  • In modern language Diminish means "to shrink" or to "become nonexistent"

Behind the scenes

  • The effects of this spell bear great similarity to the Shrinking Charm, Reducio, and the two spells may be variations of each other.
  • A possible difference between the effects of the spells may be that Diminuendo shrinks objects to be smaller than their original size, while Reducio acts as a counter-charm for Engorgio, shrinking objects back to their original size after being enlarged by the Engorgement Charm. Reducio has always been coupled with Engorgio in the books (for cases where it is clear that Reducio is used and not other shrinking charms).
  • Judging by the fact that it was taught in Dumbledore's Army, which trained wizards to use defensive and offensive spells, it would appear that it could be used on living creatures.

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