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"The Diffindo spellbook is located on the other side of the crawlspace. Once you have managed to collect it, the Diffindo Charm will be yours."
—Pomona Sprout says to Harry Potter where is located the spellbook.[src]

The Diffindo spellbook is a book that contained information on the Severing Charm. It also contained the instructions on how to perform the spell.

During his first year, Harry Potter was chosen by Pomona Sprout, to try the spell's challenge, and to retrieve this spellbook. Harry succeeded and effectively learnt the Severing Charm.[1] During his second year, one night, Hermione Granger asked Harry to find the spellbook, because Neville Longbottom was stuck behind a tapestry. After a breaking into the Herbology greenhouses, Harry found the spellbook, and cut the tapestry that had trapped Neville.[2]


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