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Fernando Diaz[1] was a Brazilian wizard and a Chaser for the 2014 Brazilian National Quidditch team. He, along with fellow Chaser Alejandra Alonso, was described as one of Brazil's finest by Ginny Potter for her article in the Daily Prophet on the USA-Brazil game. [2]

During the Brazil-Haiti match, him and his fellow Brazil Chasers, Alonso and Flores, made as many as thirty attempts to score during the beginning of the game, although they only made ten goals. Ginny Potter also commended all three Brazilian Chasers for keeping their heads during the Brazil-Wales match that was deemed the most contentious match of the tournament. 

In the semifinal match between Brazil and the United States of America, Diaz and Alonso both dropped the Quaffle twice, something that was common in that match due to the nerves associated with the possibility of Brazil's reaching the World Cup final for the first time since 1982.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Diaz is a common Spanish surname, cognate to the Portuguese and Brazilian Dias.


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