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Diagon Alley South Side was the southern part of Diagon Alley, comprised of a side street off Diagon Alley North.

The alley is occupied mostly by shopfronts, but it is also home to some publishing houses, a financial services company, cafés, and the main offices of the Daily Prophet. There is also a shabby archway leading into Knockturn Alley.


Behind the scenes

  • Ever since Pottermore had its revamp on 31 July, 2013, the designations "Diagon Alley South Side" and "Diagon Alley North Side" were removed and replaced with "More Shops" and "Back to Shops", respectively. This change, however, only applied to the British English version of the site, with the American English version still using the North Side and South Side designations.


Notes and references

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