The Department of Magical Transportation is responsible for various aspects of magical transport. Madam Edgecombe was an employee of this department. It is located on the sixth level of the Ministry of Magic.


Floo Network Authority

The Floo Network Authority is responsible for setting up and maintaining the network. They also regulate the distribution of Floo powder.

The network is composed of the fireplaces of all the wizarding buildings, which are interconnected, and it allows the user, or "passenger", to transport themselves to any other fireplace on the network.

The Floo Network is subject to intense scrutiny by the Ministry. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's fireplaces were at one time closely monitored for any "questionable activity."

The Floo Network may sometimes temporarily set up a connection between a wizarding building and a Muggle building. One such temporary connection was put in place between 4 Privet Drive and The Burrow.

Broom Regulatory Control

The Broom Regulatory Control has the authority to determine what factors allow an individual to use and ride a broom. If a broom has been determined to be dangerous or tampered with to cause damage, this office will confiscate the broom.

The broomstick regulations are presumably relevant to the work of the office.

Portkey Office

The Portkey Office regulates and authorises objects that are turned into portkeys as well as the network in which they are used. This would be slightly similar to the Floo Network Authority.

During the Quidditch World Cup, the Portkey Office was involved in regulating the thousands of portkeys used to bring witches and wizards to the game.

Apparition Test Centre

The Apparition Test Centre grants Apparition licences to qualified witches and wizards. One must be 17 to obtain such a licence. Licensure is required to prevent the likelihood of splinching. One is usually taught and tested by a qualified Ministry employee, such as is the case at Hogwarts. One such educator in the skill of Apparition was Wilkie Twycross. However, in the case of Side-Along Apparition, the accomplice does not require a licence provided they are taken by a licenced wizard.

Behind the scenes

  • The seal of this department features a Biohazard symbol, maybe in a nod to the dangers entailing each of the four types of transportation (broomstick, Floo powder, Apparition and Portkey.
  • Both the Hogwarts Express and the Knight Bus were the result of creative ideas from the Minister for Magic of the day, and the Ministry of Magic were as such likely to have been very much involved in bringing said ideas to life, meaning both of them would be likely to have their own subdivision at the Department of Magical Transportation, or at the very least subject to its authority.