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Species information
Eye colour


Native range

Far East

Ministry of Magic Classification


The Demiguise is a peaceful, herbivorous creature that can make itself invisible. It is found in the Far East, but only wizards and witches trained in their capture can even see them. It resembles an ape with large, black eyes and long, silky hair. Demiguise pelts are highly sought after as the hair can be woven into Invisibility cloaks. [1] Cloaks made from their hair eventually turn opaque, losing their invisibility effects as time passes.

The Demiguise's ability to make itself invisible is used to symbolise the number zero, in the runic alphabet. [2]


Notes and references

Study of Ancient Runes
Ancient Runes Made Easy
Professor: Bathsheda Babbling
Textbooks: Advanced Rune Translation · Ancient Runes Made Easy · Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms · Rune Dictionary · Spellman's Syllabary
Known Runes: Acromantula · Demiguise · Ehwaz · Eihwaz · Fwooper · Graphorn · Hydra · Quintaped · Runespoor · Salamander · Unicorn · Unknown · Mark of Merlin

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