"Witches and wizards were subject to persecution in the fifteenth century, so Madam Crimp, who had become one of the most fashionable dressmakers in London, preferred to pretend that she had no magical powers. Unfortunately, the great beauty of her dresses and cloaks aroused considerable envy among other tailors, many of whom were convinced that she knew some secret that they did not."
Miranda Goshawk, Book of Spells[src]

Delfina Crimp, a witch seamstress, ran a shop in 15th-century Muggle London. Madam Crimp's dresses, reputed to make even unattractive women appear lovely, turned her into one of London's most popular (and, by extension, wealthiest) clothiers.[1]

A rival Muggle tailor by the name of Snickerton, donned a disguise and applied for a job around the shop; however, after several weeks, the only evidence of magic he had uncovered was the lack of scissors in Madam Crimp's workroom. Hoping to catch her using magic, he decided to hide out in her workroom at night, wrapping himself in a bolt of velvet. He saw Crimp cutting out an intricate pattern with her wand, and the next day, he brought a group of men to arrest her. Even though she was taken by surprise, Madam Crimp managed to outsmart her assailants and quickly grabbed a bag of gold, Disapparating from the scene, never to be seen in London again.[1]


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