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Delacour family
Family heritage
Blood status

Part wizarding, part Veela

Notable family members

Fleur Delacour


Extant in female line

Related families

Weasley family


None, attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic


Delacour is the surname of a French wizarding family. Recent generations of Delacours have Veela heritage, as Monsieur Delacour married half-Veela witch Apolline Delacour. They are related to the pure-blood Weasley family of wizarding Britain.

Family members

Wizard(s) Notes
Apolline Delacour the daughter of a wizard and a Veela; married Monsieur Delacour and had two daughters, Fleur and Gabrielle
Monsieur Delacour a French wizard married to Apolline, father of Fleur and Gabrielle
Fleur Delacour a quarter-Veela witch, Triwizard Champion for Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in 1994-1995, and wife of Bill Weasley, with whom she had three children, Victoire, Dominique and Louis Weasley.
Gabrielle Delacour a quarter-Veela witch, younger sister of Fleur

Family Tree

                  Monsieur DelacourApolline Delacour
(see Weasley Family Tree)   ┌───────┴────────┐
      │                     │                │
   Bill WeasleyFleur Delacour    Gabrielle Delacour
          │                 │              │
  Victoire Weasley  Dominique Weasley  Louis Weasley


In French, de la cour means "of the court".

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