Pocket watch: "Hurry up!"
Dedalus Diggle: "Quite right, we're operating to a very tight schedule."
Dedalus Diggle and his pocket watch, while taking the Dursleys to safety[src]

Dedalus Diggle owned a pocket watch.


Diggle's pocket watch was enchanted, as it was capable of speaking to its owner, such as warning him when he was running late on his schedule, which it had apparently memorised. Whether those were automated enchantments like those on an enchanted homework planner (whose mocking reminders to complete the work on task do seem similar to the watch's warnings), or a true rudimentary intelligence comparable to a Talking Mirror's, is unknown at present.


When taking the Dursleys to safety in 1997, the pocket watch told him to hurry up, in which the wizard agreed, noting that they were on a "very tight" schedule.[1]


Notes and references

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