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Decree No. 1567klio-000094 9833-ipC is a Ministry of Magic decree issued by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, regulating official Ministerial missives. It was validated by ‎Decree 181978-78 of 1924, ‎Decree No. 2345098 of 1925, Decree No. 34568-0400-984 of 1937, Decree No. 58794889-39 of 1939, Decree No. 98745-90098-0 of 1932, Decree No. 5873kerf-lima of 1933, Decree No. 45kghyt6-74x of 1935, Decree No. 568k-kji-fo9 of 1936, Decree No. funye 9839 fwf-39 of 1939, Decree No. ghXd-0454 of 1940, ‎Decree No. 487-82 of 1943, Decree No. 6709i9-8 of 1944, ‎Decree No. 3345-gh-089 of 1945, Decree No. 5678-0887 of 1947, Decree No. 2234k-433-Mira of 1948, Decree No. 278 of 1949, Decree No. 333453-Mira of 1948, Decree No. 45-gh-089 of 1945, Decree No. 3633-Mira of 1948, Decree No. 8-0667 of 1947, Decree No. 223455-N of 1948, Decree No. 78-0887 of 1947, Decree No. 237453-Mira of 1943, Decree 3473-1882 of 1947, and Decree No. 27kk-3913453-Mira of 1948.[1]


Notes and references

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