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"Christmas was coming. One morning in mid-December, Hogwarts woke to find itself covered in several feet of snow. The lake froze solid and the Weasley twins were punished for bewitching several snowballs so that they followed Quirrell around, bouncing off the back of his turban. The few owls that managed to battle their way through the stormy sky to deliver mail had to be nursed back to health by Hagrid before they could fly off again."
—Description of winter at Hogwarts[src]
December is the twelfth and last month of the year. It's one of the months of the year with thirty-one days.

Notable events

Date Year Events
Unknown 1995 Arthur Weasley returns home after being attacked by Nagini at the Ministry of Magic and after spending time healing at St Mungo's.
Christmas 1995
Postmortem analysis reveals that a series of notes Albus Dumbledore wrote before his death regarding The Tales of Beedle the Bard were completed around this time, approximately eighteen months before his death in June of 1997.[1]
24 December 1997 Harry and Hermione visit Godric's Hollow and are attacked by Nagini impersonating a deceased Bathilda Bagshot.
25 December 1991 Harry Potter receives his families invisibility cloak as a present from Albus Dumbledore in his first year at Hogwarts.
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