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The biological father of Dean Thomas was a wizard who abandoned his Muggle wife and infant son, in a courageous effort to protect them from the Death Eaters. He was soon after murdered by the Death Eaters when he refused to join their cause. His widow, who was never told that her husband was a wizard, eventually remarried a Muggle man, who raised Dean as his own son.[2]

When Dean realised he was a wizard at age eleven, his mother suspected that her first husband might have also been a wizard; however, not knowing for certain, Mrs Thomas left Dean to grow up believing he was Muggle-born.[3]


Notes and references

  1. Given that he was killed by Death Eaters for refusing to join them, it's highly unlikely that he was a muggle-born.
  2. Dean Thomas's background at J. K. Rowling's Official Site
  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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