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Darius Smackhammer

after 1976,[1] United States of America

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Seeker for the American National Quidditch team


American National Quidditch team

"Yet more controversy in Patagonia: the outcome of the USA versus Jamaica clash is under investigation due to the sudden collapse of Kquewanda Bailey, the Jamaican Keeper, who toppled from her broom shortly before US Chaser Quentin Kowalski scored their ninth goal."
Ginny Potter, "USA VERSUS JAMAICA" (Daily Prophet, 16 May 2014)[src]

Darius Smackhammer was an American wizard who played as the Seeker for the 2014 American National Quidditch team. During the fourth match of the 427th Quidditch World Cup, US versus Jamaica, Smackhammer beat Jamaican Seeker Shanice Higgins to the Snitch,[2] resulting in a narrow victory for the United States.[3]

During the USA-Brazil match running on 5 July (continued from the previous day), Smackhammer was assaulted by dual Bludgers sent by Clodoaldo and Santos, preventing him from immediately reaching the Snitch. He and Tony Silva subsequently dove simultaneously for the Snitch, both sliding to the handles of their brooms diving at breakneck speed towards the earth and thus to the Snitch. At first it was almost impossible to determine who had really caught the Snitch, but after less than a minute it was apparent that Silva had narrowly beaten Smackhammer to it, resulting in USA being dropped out of the finals.


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