The Daily Prophet's main office was where the popular wizarding newspaper the Daily Prophet was printed. It was located along South Side, Diagon Alley, next to Whizz Hard Books.[1]

Known personnel

Wizard(s) Notes
Barnabas Cuffe editor-in-chief
R. Amorin security editor
A. Fenetre reporter
Andy Smudgley
Betty Braithwaite reporter who interviewed Rita Skeeter about her forthcoming book on Dumbledore 
Professor Helbert Spleen works for St. Mungo's and addresses medical queries for the Prophet's Problem Page 
M. Amerinus reporter
M. Carneirus
R. Almeidus
Rita Skeeter Reporter, Special Correspondent, and Gossip Correspondent 
E. Limus reporter and (presumably) advice columnist
D. Shaman advice columnist
Dr Medusa possible advice columnist
Dempster Wiggleswade Works for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement - addresses legal problems for the Prophet Problem Page
Grizel Hurtz addresses emotional dilemmas for the Prophet's Problem Page
Zamira Gulch addresses everyday magical problems for the Prophet's Problem Page 
Ginevra Potter senior Quidditch Correspondent during the 2014 Quidditch World Cup 
Winkus Oddpick wrote what sounds like an op-ed column about goblins
Bozo photographer's assistant


The Daily Prophet sign in Diagon Alley

The Daily Prophet sign

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