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Cyclops was a one-eyed Giant from Ancient Greece. He lived in a cave at the foot of Mount Etna. He was slain by the Greek hero, Odysseus, who used several sheep to help him do this task.

Behind the scenes

  • Cyclops is based on the Cyclops of Greek legend.
  • In Homer's Odyssey, the name of the Cyclops was Polyphemus, and although Odysseus blinded him, he was not slain.
  • The Cyclops, Polyphemus, had man-eating sheep as pets.
  • The Greek versions of Cyclops have, essentially, two iterations, the first being children of Ouranos and Gaia, tens of metres high, and the second, including Polyphemus, the children of Poseidon, "only" around the 6-8 metre mark.


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