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Curse-dependent locking spell

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Eyes curses
Curse-dependent locking spell

Spell; Dark magic


Keeps a door magically locked so long as at least one floating eyes curse remains in place.

The curse-dependent locking spell (incantation unknown) is a spell of the Dark Arts that ties the integrity of a lock to a floating eyes curse somewhere else in place.[1]


Once cast, one or more floating eyes will then glide before the door to be protected, moving through the air before it in a circle, with the number of eyes present reflecting the number of floating eye curses attached to the spell. Once all the curses defending the lock have been lifted this spell will also lift, unlocking the door it guarded.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • It is possible that this spell could also work in conjunction with other magic, as opposed to only the floating eyes curse.
  • This spell may be one of the Alohomora-proof door-sealing spells that Harry Potter speculated on in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It may even have been used in that same book by Dolores Umbridge on her office door, albeit in conjunction with some invisible magic instead of the floating eyes curse, so that no display would appear before the door, as is the case with this spell when it is used with the floating eyes curse. If so, then this spell could be broken by Sirius Black's knife.


Notes and references

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