Cricket is a Muggle bat-and-ball sport played between two teams consisting of eleven players each.[1] The sport never found favour in the wizarding world, unlike rugby, which gained magical fans after Angus Buchanan, a Squib, began playing for the Scottish rugby team.[2] The chief sports writer of the Daily Prophet, writing in 1902, dismissively described the game thus: "A Beater who is unable to fly defends three sticks instead of a hoop, while a Snitch without wings is thrown at the sticks. That's it. Sometimes for several days."[2]

In addition to rugby, Angus Buchanan enjoyed cricket, and was said to be a "natural" at it. The skills that made him excel at the sport were developed by helping his magical siblings catch Golden Snitches in the back garden of his family's home as a child.[2]


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