This belt belonged to Credence Barebone and was used by his adoptive mother Mary Lou Barebone to punish him.


The band of the belt was made of dark leather with a metal buckle that has a thistle design.


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Mary Lou punished Credence with the belt

The belt was worn by Credence Barebone in 1926. His adoptive mother Mary Lou Barebone used this belt to punish Credence. A witch named Porpentina Goldstein attended one of the Second Salemers meeting in the Second Salem Church and saw in front of other people how Credence was punished by his mother with the belt. Tina then used magic, which caused the belt to fly out of Mary-Lou’s hand, saving Credence from that beating.

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Credence's cuts and marks from the abuse with the belt

On 7 December, his mother caught Credence and Modesty with a toy wand that Credence was holding in his hands. When Mary Lou was ready to punish Credence with the belt, the belt was magically torn from Mary Lou's hand and it flew into a far corner. By the force of the movement of the belt, it caused cuts and marks on her hand, the same injuries Credence had. When Mary attempted to pick it up again, the belt magically moved on the floor away from her, before she was killed by an obscurus.[1]


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