"His name's Credence. His mother beats him. She beats all those kids she's adopted, but she seems to hate him the most."
—Tina Goldstein regarding Credence's family life[src]

Credence Barebone[3] was an American wizard who lived during the 20th century.[4][5] He was the adopted son of Mary Lou Barebone, who was the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, a No-Maj anti-witchcraft group.[4][5]

Credence had two adoptive sisters, Chastity and Modesty Barebone. He lived with them and his adoptive mother in New York city in 1926 at the Second Salem church. Credence was the eldest, followed by Chastity and then Modesty.[6]

Credence was an Obscurial, a wizard who developed a magic parasitical force, also known as an Obscurus, created through the repression of magic. While most Obscurials die before their tenth birthday, Credence lived into adulthood which was previously unheard in wizardkind and a possible testament of his latent power.


Early life 1905

Credence Barebone: "Ma. . . "
Mary Lou Barebone: "I'm not your ma! Your mother was a wicked, unnatural woman!"
— Mary Lou's opinion regarding Credence's birth mother[src]
Barebone family-0

Credence with his adopted family by 1926. Mary Lou (above), Chastity (left), & Modesty (right)

Credence was born as a magical child to an unnamed witch, but at some point he was put up for adoption, the reason for this is unknown. He was later adopted by Mary Lou Barebone, the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society or Second Salemers, a No-Maj anti-witchcraft group with its roots in the Salem Witch Trials. She considered his mother a "wicked, unnatural woman", implying that he may share the same qualities.[7] The only family member who showed Credence any true kindness and affection at this time was his little sister, Modesty. Mary Lou abused Credence physically, often using his own belt that left marks on his hands. Porpentina Goldstein that although Mary-Lou beat all the children she adopted, she seems to hate Credence the most.[8] Mary-Lou also closely scrutinized every moment of his live, checking on his whereabouts and punishing him for not abiding by her strictures. This abuse forced him to suppress his magic and ultimately he developed an Obscurus, a powerful magical parasite.

Before December 1926

Fantastic-beasts-credence tina

Tina Goldstein comforts Credence Barebone after attacking Mary Lou

Sometime before December 1926, Porpentina Goldstein, an American Auror of the Magical Congress of the United States of America took to observing the activities of the Second Salmers. During one meeting, Mary Lou used a belt to hit Credence when the witch Porpentina Goldstein rushed forward to his defence. Tina magically assaulted Mary Lou in front of her followers and saved Credence from the beating. The open use of magic in front of a group of Muggles required extensive Obliviation and was a major scandal resulting in Porpentina's demotion to the Wand Permit Office.[9] Credence found himself dreaming of the woman who had saved him from his mother's wrath frequently after this event.[10]

December 1926

Gellert Grindelwald: "Have you any news?"
Credence Barebone: "I’m still looking. Mr. Graves, if I knew whether it was a girl or boy"
Gellert Grindelwald: "My vision showed only the child’s immense power. He or she is no older than ten, and I saw this child in close proximity to your mother — she I saw so plainly."
Credence Barebone: "That could be any one of hundreds."
— Discussion regarding the Obscurial[src]

By December of 1926, Credence was losing control of his Obscurus, and it manifested in outbursts that were wreaking havoc in New York. These disturbances were noted both in the muggle press such as New-York Clarion and the wizarding press such as The New York Ghost. During that time he came in contact with the evil Dark Wizard Gellert Grindelwald who was disguised as Percival Graves, an American Auror from MACUSA. Grindelwald asked him if he would help him to find a magical Child with "Immense power" at the Second Salem Church. In return Grindelwald promised him to help Credence to join the Wizarding World someday and to free him from his adopted mother.

Tumblr omzb12vcqF1vzjjwuo2 540

Credence cowers away from a stumbling Jacob Kowalsi while handing out leaflets at the National Steen Bank

On 6 December 1926, on the steps of the Steen National Bank on 6 December 1926, Credence, along with his adopted sisters Chastity and Modesty handed out leaflets to the public, while his adopted mother Mary Lou preached to the public in a rally, supporting the New Salem Philanthropic Society. Mary Lou praised the marvelous man-made inventions of New York, she insisted that the public heed her warnings of the presence of a mysterious force that was wreaking havoc in the city, and she implored the audience to join the Second Salemers in the fight against wizardkind. A wizard named Newt Scamander, who was just passing, set down his suitcase while listening to Mary Lou's speech. A No-Maj Jacob Kowalski, who was going to the bank to get a loan, stumbled over Newt Scamander's suitcase and Credence cowered away from the stumbling Jacob. This accident attracted the attention of Mary Lou who asked Scamander of he was a seeker of truth, before he ran into the bank.[11]

18664620 1303442339770461 1654805236318313181 n

The Senator handed the leaflet back to Credence and calls him a freak

Later that day, Langdon Shaw, a believer in magic, brought Credence and his family into his father Henry Shaw Senior's office. Langdon laid out a portfolio filled with a series of photographic evidence of and told his father of his belief that "strange things were going on all over" New York " and that this was the work of Witchcraft, certain that he was giving him the scoop of the century. Mary Lou was interested in garnishing the support and influence of his and his elder son's re-election platform. Henry Shaw Senior refused and dismissed both Langdon and Mary Lou and asked them to leave. While they departing, Credence dropped a leaflet which Henry Shaw Senior's older son the Senator handed the leaflet back to him, unashamedly calling him a freak.[12]


Credence secretly talks with Gellert Grindelwald

On the night of 6 December, Credence was walking alone through a crowd of late-night diners and theatergoers, as he tried to hand out leaflets, but was met with only incredulity and faint derision. As Credence glanced towards the Woolworth Building, he spotted Grindelwald disguised as Percival Graves standing outside of the building. When they met at the end of an alleyway, Grindelwald asked Credence if he had any news about the Obscurial child. Credence answered that he was still looking and asked him whether it was a girl or boy. Grindelwald told him that the magical child somehow was connected to his mother Mary Lou, which he had seen in a vision. Consider he was the key to finding the child[13]

After the meeting with Grindelwald, Credence walked home towards the Second Salem Church. He was happier than before because the meeting with Grindelwald comforted him. As he entered the church, shutting the double doors of the church quietly, Mary Lou was sitting on the stairs and Credence sensed her and paused. Mary Lou asked him where he has been, but Credence lied to her and said that he was looking for a place for tomorrow's meeting, but fell silent at the severe expression on Mary Lou's face as he moved around to the bottom of the stairs. Credence told her finally that he didn't realize that it was so late. As he removed his belt so his adopted mother could punish him, she took the belt in silence and walked up the stairs and Credence obediently followed her.[14]

Attack on the Fundraising Dinner

"Suddenly something explodes forth from underneath the organ. Something huge and bestial, although invisible, is soaring down the hall—tables fly, people are thrown, lights smash, and people scream as it carves a line toward the stage. Senator Shaw is thrown backward against his own poster, raised up high, suspended for a moment in midair, before being brought down with a violent crash—dead. The “beast” rips at his poster—a frenzied slashing with harsh, noisy breathing—before swarming back out from where it came."
—Credence's Obscurus attacks the Fundraising Dinner[src]

Credence's Obscurus attacking the Fundraising Dinner Hall

That same night, Credence's Obscurus was streaking through the streets. Henry Shaw Jr held a fundraising dinner for his supporters at New York City Hall. When he was in the middle of his speech, he was interrupted by a strange, haunted noise coming from the organ pipes at the end of the room; and as he recommenced, the strange noise got louder, prompting the guests to look around for the source of the disruption and worriedly start to mutter to each other. Suddenly, the chandeliers shattered and the lights went out, and Credence's obscurus burst forth from beneath the organ, soared across the hall, sending tables flying and throwing people around as it carved a line toward the stage where the Senator was still standing. The force threw Shaw backwards against his poster, and then raised him up high where he floated for just a moment in midair before being thrown violently back down onto the stage, dead. Credence's obscurus killed the senator as revenge for calling him a freak during the Second Salemers visit at Henry Shaw Senior's office, unwittingly exposing the wizarding world.[15]

Obscurus manifestation

"As she moves, an almighty force explodes into her: A bestial, screeching, dark mass that consumes her. Her scream is bloodcurdling as the force throws her backward, striking a wooden beam, flinging her over the balcony. Mary Lou smashes down onto the floor of the main church, her body lifeless, her face bearing the same scars seen on the face of Senator Shaw. The Dark force flies through the church, upending the table and destroying everything in sight."
—Credence's Obscurus accidentally killed his adopted mother and sister[src]
Tumblr oh307dAKqE1ulu52io2 500

Gellert Grindelwald puts the Deathly Hallows pendent around Credence's neck in an alleyway at the Second Salemers Church

On 7 December,in the late afternoon, Credence stood in an alleyway at the Second Salemers church, where he was pasting up posters, advertisering Mary Lou's next meeting. Grindelwald, still disguised as Percival Graves joined him. He asked him if he had found the child, but Credence answered he didn't. As Grindelwald hold out his hand, Credence whimpers and cowers, almost backing farther away. Grindelwald takes Credence's hand gently. It was deep red cut, sore and bleeding. He moves his thumb across the cuts, healing them instanty while Credence stares. Finally, Grindelwald seems to make a descision, he gave him a necklace with the sign of the Deathly Hallows on it so he could contact him if he ever found the child.[16]

At the night of 7 December. while looking in Modesty's room, Credence scrabbles to get underneath Modesty's bed. He looks among the boxes and objects hidden there and suddenly stops and stares, Credence found a toy wand and was unable to draw his eyes away from it. Modesty enters the room, who had

Credence Modesty toy wand

Credence with Modesty holding her toy wand in his hand what he had found under Modesty's bed

registered a small clunk from upstairs. Credence asked her where she got it, but Modesty told him it was hers and that it was just a toy, and asked him to give it back. Mary Lou entered the room and was shocked to see what he was holding. As they stood on the upstairs landing, Credence removed his belt so his adopted mother could punish him. Mary Lou turns back towards Credence and snapped the wand in half. As Credence said Ma to Mary Lou while pleading, Mary Lou offended his biological mother by telling him that she was a wicked and unnatural woman. Modesty forced her way between them and admitted it was hers, but Mary Lou refused to believe her. As Mary Lou prepared to punish Credence, suddenly the belt was whipped out of Mary Lou's hands by supernatural means and falls like a death Snake in a far corner. As she looks at her hand, it was bleeding and full of cuts, the same injuries as Credence has. As Mary Lou slowly moves to retrieve the belt, it's slither away across the floor before she can touch it. Turning to

18221617 1283577085090320 8760103711943303020 n

The lifeless body of Mary Lou at the destroyed Second Salemers church after Credence's Obscurus attacked

confront the children, Credence lost control and his Obscurus burst free, the force throws Mary Lou backwards, treaking a wooden beam and flinging her over the balcony and smashes down onto the floor of the main church. The dark force flies through the church and destroying everything in sight and killing Chastity in the process.[17]

Grindelwald, still in the form of Percival Graves, arrived at the remains of the Second Salamers' Church to find Credence shaking and sobbing, cowering at the back of the church and whimpering while he was touching his deathly hallows pendant. Grindelwald staps quickly towards Credence while he bends down and cradling Credence's head. Grindelwald asked him where the Obscurial was. He still believed it was Modesty. But Credence was unable to explain and looks at him while his face was a plea for affection. Credence pleaded at Grindelwald for help two times while Grindelwald continued asking about Modesty, until Credence began to sweep again while Grindelwald places a hand on his neck and asked him

18739854 1303440819770613 1348800803045892813 nnn

A utterly traumatized Credence at the Second Salemers church pleas to Grindelwald for help after his Obscurus accident

once more about Modesty. But Credence trembles and mumbles while pleading for the third time for help and Grindelwald slapped Credence hard in the face, demanding to know where Modesty was hiding. Credence was aghast and unable to comprehend that his hero had hit him, Grindelwald grabs him and pulls him up unto his feet while they disapparate.

Credence took him to Modesty, who had fled the destruction to her old childhood home the Bronx. Once there, Grindelwald searched around at the landing, asking where Modesty was. Credence stopped in the stairway and answered he didn't know. Grindelwald marches forward into one of the rooms and told Credence that he had no further use in him and called him a squib, that he has magical ancestors but no power while he marched back along the corridor to try another room. As Grindelwald moved through a dark room, he sees a tiny movement and heard a sobbing from Modesty somewhere close.

Tumblr onopr8b75e1vi039ko2 r1 250

An anger Credence transform into his Obscurus because of the betrayalnis of Gellert Grindelwald

Grindelwald went to Modesty who was hiding in a corner and shaking and whimpering at the mention of Credence. As Grindelwald extended his hand and ask Modesty to come out, the crack began spreading like a spider web. Dust began to fall as the walls shook uncontrollably and the room began to disintegrate around them. Each wall collapsed in front of Grindelwald, until the final wall collapses and he faced Credence who revealed his obscurus, at the surprise of Grindelwald. Although Grindelwald attempted to apologise and offered to train him, Credence lost control and transformed completely into an Obscurus going on a rampage of destruction through New York City knocking down buildings and overturning cars.

Obscurus loose through New York

"We follow the Obscurus as it churns and twists through the city, wreaking havoc. Cars are sent flying, pavements explode, and buildings are demolished — the Obscurus leaves only destruction in its wake...The scene is one of total chaos. Buildings are on fire, people scream and run in all directions, cars lie destroyed in the street...The Obscurus writhes at one end of the square, its energy angrier no — moving through layers of hurt and anguish, the products of isolation and tormen — flecks of red light roaring from within."
—Credence Obscurus through New York[src]

Credence's Obscurus going on a rampage of destruction through New York.

Credence's obscurus created total chaos in New York Times Square, churning and twisting through the city. Cars were sent flying, pavements exploded, and buildings are demolished and on fire, as people screamed and ran in all directions. Grindelwald tried to reach Credence, saying that he is a miracle to survive so long and to think what they could achieve together. But Credence refused, his dark energy becomes more angrier at the mention of Grindelwald and bursts out once more, knocking Grindelwald to the ground. Tina ran behind Grindelwald and fired at him, but he turned in time and the Obscurus vanished. A dozen Aurors appeared and tried to attack the Obscurus with spells, but Credence's Obscurus veered to avoid the spells and turned down another block while screaming. The obscurus rose dramatically up into the air as it finally crashed to the ground and raced along a wide empty street. A line of policemen stood with their guns aimed, terrified as the force powering toward them. Their faces turned to total panic as they saw the mass swarming ahead, coming straight at them as they fired their guns. Finally they disband, fleeing down the street, just as the Obscurus reached them. The Obscurus rose up over the surrounding buildings and slammed into the ground just outside of the City Hall [[New York City Subway]|subway]] entrance. The black mass shrunk to nothing, and a small figure of Credence descended the steps into the subway.[18]

Apparent death

"We see Credence from within the black mass, his face contorted, screaming. The barrage of spells continues and Credence howls in pain... Under this pressure, the Obscurus finally seems to implode — a white ball of magical light taking over from the black mass... All power subsides. Only small tatters of black matter are left - floating through the air like feathers."
—Credence supposedly dies at the hands of MACUSA Aurors[src]

Newton Scamander who tracked Credence's trail of destruction to the New York City Subway near New York City Hall hid behind a pillar as he tried to talk with Credence to calm him down, saying that he would help him. Because of Newt's kindness and understanding, Credence was soothed by the magizologist's words. Slowly, his Obscurus subsided, leaving only a frightened Credence who was huddled on the train tracks. Newt crouched down on the floor and asked Credence to come over. He slowly moved forward, but as he did, Grindelwald arrived and hit him with a spell that threw Newt backwards.


Credence succumbs and tranforms into his Obscurus form once more

Credence ran as Grindelwald fires additional spells at Newt, he continued to lumber down the tracks but stops when a train approaches, Grindelwald magically casting him out of the train's path. As they were duelling, Credence was sobbing further down into the subway and begins to shake as his face slowly turns black. He tried to stop the kinetic mass from raising within him, but he succumbs to the blackness and his body enveloped and overcome the Obscurus.

The Obscurus rushed up and blated down around the tunnel, towards Grindelwald, who disapparated just in time. The Obscurus continued to blast around the tunnel. Suddenly the force accelerated, becoming a giant wave before flying out through the roof. The Obscurus broke through the pavement, watched by wizards and No-Majs alike. It stormed up a half-built skyscraper and forms up a wide disc shape before plunging back down into the Subway. The Obscurus burst through the Subway roof. Both Newt and Grindelwald seemed on the point of death as they lay on the tracks. However, Tina ran onto the tracks, and managed to calm down Credence once more. Credence reached out to her, as she was the only one who had gave him an uncomplicated kindness while he looks to her desperate and afraid.

18157343 1279748288806533 2320626291475657259 n

Credence supposedly dies at the hands of MACUSA

However President Seraphina Picquery and Aurors from MACUSA began coming down the steps of the subway and into the tunnel to contain the situation and raised their wands aggressively. The obscurus began to swell again while Tina, Newt, and Grindelwald asks them to put down their wand. Despite this they proceeded to attack Credence with numerous spells. Credence began to scream as the barrage of spells at the Obscurus continued, only stopping when they believed he was destroyed. Under this pressure, the obscurus begin to implode with a ball of magical light that took over from the black mass. The force of the change sends Tina, Newt, and the Aurors stumbling backwards and he burst into millions of pieces, with only small fragments of black matter floating through the air like feathers.

Surviving death

"As Newt follows Madam Picquery’s gaze, he sees a tendril of black matter, a small part of the Obscurus, floating down through the roof. Unnoticed by anyone else, it eventually floats up and away, trying to reconnect with its host"
—A sign that Credence may still be alive[src]
18194593 1279748095473219 2619144860744415458 n

Credence surviving his confrontation with MACUSA

While most everyone believed Credence was destroyed, Newt Scamander observed a single shred of his Obscurus form fleeing the scene.

Personality and traits

He was both "troubled" and "mysterious."[4][5] Shy and withdrawn, this made him far more vulnerable to the abuse that came in response to the slightest infraction of his adoptive mother's strict rules. His timid personality also made him susceptible to manipulation by Gellert Grindelwald, who took a personal interest in him.[3]

After years of abuse at the hands of his adoptive mother, Credence Barebone became a very timid and socially awkward young man. He was very withdrawn and easily intimidated by people in positions of authority. He was quiet and suffered from anxiety whenever he was forced into stressful situations and particularly didn't like crowds.[19]

18194039 1281733245274704 7377391156354132311 n

A forlorn Credence looking through a window

Credence was scared, lonely, and terrified of making any mistakes that would displease his mother. He had no friends outside and had been publicly humiliated by his mother's open abuse in front of the Second Salemers. Credence was compliant and passive in most situations as he already knew the punishment if he decided to step out of line or defend himself.

However, when Credence was insulted or threatened, his Obscurus form was unleashed, which was triggered by his negative emotions which he acted violently on, causing wide-spread destruction and death to those who provoked him. Namely, he attacked Mary Lou Barebone because of the abuse the latter inflicted on him for so long, and Henry Shaw Junior for the way he mocked him.

Credence was actually quite desperate for love, affection, and acceptance to the point that he was easy to manipulate and control, particularly by Grindelwald, to the point that he was willing to risk the wrath of his mother to help his manipulator or friend regardless of the consequences while he's earning this love and affection. This neglectful and abusive upbringing brought out a volatile side to him: his desperation for any sort of positive human relationship made it difficult for him to communicate, and thus when he was overwhelmed with emotion, he acted out in explosive fits of rage and magic.

Credence was quite curious regarding magic and the wizarding world. Called observant and intelligent by Grindelwald, he listened closely to Grindelwald's words and eagerly believed his promises to teach him magic and allow him to be part of the wizarding community.[20] He was also exceptionally polite and well mannered and could be soothed with simple words of kindness and understanding when he is at his most uncontrollable positions.

Magical abilities and skills

18194740 1281704931944202 6317125726475388899 n

Credence in mid Obscurus transformation

"...his power must be so strong he’s somehow managed to survive. It’s incredible."
—Credence's power as an Obscurial[src]
  • Obscurus Transformation: Credence was an Obscurial, prone to unleashing or embodying an Obscurus due to years of being forced to suppress his magic. Newt Scamander said "That’s more powerful than any Obscurial I have ever heard of." According to him, Credence was notably more powerful than other known Obscurials in the Wizarding world, living longer than any previously known.
  • High Magic Capability: While Credence never developed his magical abilities, his ability to survive for so long despite being an Obscurial indicated he may have an immense amount of latent magical talent.


Credence's mother

Credence doesn't remember his biological mother. It is unclear whether he knew she was a witch. Mary Lou tells Credence that his birth mother was a "wicked, unnatural woman", implying that he may share the same qualities.

Mary Lou Barebone

"As if on autopilot, Credence removes his belt. Mary Lou stands and extends her hand, taking the belt. In silence, she turns and walks up the stairs—Credence obediently following."
—Mary Lou punishes Credence for coming home late[src]
18198564 1281703378611024 5857684020189208938 n

Mary Lou right before beating Credence with his belt

Credence feared his adoptive mother due to years of emotional and physical abuse. She beats him with the intent of teaching him to suppress and be ashamed of his magical traits. By suppressing his magic, he developed an Obscurus. It was noted by Tina Goldstein that out of all Mary Lou's adopted children, Credence was the most hated, most likely because of his magic.

Credence learned over the years to willingly surrender his belt for a beating when he knew he did something wrong. He tended to be passive when it came to the beatings and he learned to take them submissively. Despite living in an environment where magic was shunned, Credence was drawn toward the ideas of wizardry and even entertained the thought of becoming part of the wizarding world. Mary Lou seemed to be aware of Credence's interest in magic and did not hesitate to beat him for it.

Modesty Barebone

"Behind Credence, Modesty’s eyes burn. She clutches Credence’s hand protectively."
—Modesty took Credence's hand after he was insulted by Senator Shaw[src]
18194815 1281700911944604 4840057330283966583 n

Modesty holding Credence's hand protectively

Credence shared a closer relationship with Modesty, as she did not possess the same zealous attitude Chastity did in regards to their mother's anti-witchcraft stance. Modesty was young and curious, she shared Credence's secret interest in magic. Because of this shared interest they trusted each other.

When Henry Shaw Junior insulted Credence, she took his hand to reassure him. Modesty often witnessed the beatings he got from their mother and attempted to comfort him. Modesty occasionally confided in Credence that she missed the nine brothers and sisters she had before she was adopted. When Credence found the toy wand under Modesty's bed, Mary Lou believed it to be his and bet him, despite Modesty's attempt at convincing her it was hers. After the Obscurus took control of Credence and killed their adoptive family, she became fearful of him.

Chastity Barebone

The relationship between Chastity and Credence is unknown. They attended their mother's anti-magic rallies and meetings together and passed out leaflets, but not much interaction happened. Chastity witnessed Credence's beatings but made no attempt at intervening or to defend him.

Gellert Grindelwald

18195026 1281711531943542 5909399247832736170 n

Credence with Gellert Grindelwald

Grindelwald disguised himself as Percival Graves and used Credence to try and locate the Obscurial, whom he believed was Modesty Barebone, promising him entrance into the wizarding world and training to perform magic. To Credence, Grindelwald was his only friend and the only person who truly understood and supported him. He healed his hands and comforted him when he confided in him about his mother's mistreatment.

After the Obscurus attacked Mary Lou, Grindelwald told Credence he had no use for him, calling him a squib, and pursued Modesty. Because of the emotional strain, Credence lost control over the Obscurus and, after Grindelwald realised it was him, offered his partnership and training in wizardry. Credence was deeply hurt by his manipulation and fled. MACUSA's Aurors chased and attacked him, and when Newt and Tina attempted to calm him and protect him, Grindelwald interrupted them to provoke Credence to cause more destruction in the hopes of achieving a war between magical and non-magical people.


Credence is derived from the Latin credere meaning to trust and to believe, and from credentia, meaning belief.[21] Barebone is an Anglo-Saxon surname, thought to be taken from the name of an English village, Barbon or Barbourne.[22]

Behind the scenes

"It's important to explore the idea that there is cause and effect in the world, and the idea that someone who endures trauma has tough choices to make about how that trauma is going to affect the rest of their life - whether that wound will be a blessing or a curse. I think it's a really potent subject."
Ezra Miller regarding Credence's struggle[src]
  • Credence is portrayed by Ezra Miller in the film inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.[23]
  • Initial reports said this character's name was "Kredan".[24] When asked about it via Twitter, J. K. Rowling said, "Kredan is quite literally nobody. They got the name wrong!"[25]
  • Credence reportedly becomes a "notable" character within the Harry Potter universe.[26]
  • David Heyman reported that a scene was shot that shows Credence getting on a boat at the end of the film, but it was ultimately cut from the film, and it did not appear on the deleted scenes included with the DVD/Blu-Ray release.[27]


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