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The "Ginger Witch" was a serial criminal whose exploits made headlines in the wizarding world in the mid-to-late 1990s.


Bertie Botts recall

In August 1993, the "Ginger Witch" was implicated in a product recall of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. The Daily Prophet reported that the witch was imprisoned and sent to the isolation wing.[1]


"Ginger Witch Survives Henna Explosion" headline in a 1995 issue of the Daily Prophet.

Hooliganism arrest

In 1994, the Daily Prophet reported that the "Ginger Witch" attended a Muggle football match, where she was arrested for hooliganism.[2]

Flying pigs incident

In late 1994 or early 1995, an article by M. Amerinus in the Daily Prophet reported that the "Ginger Witch" was implicated in an incident involving two flying pigs, which interfered with the Muggle air traffic.[3]

Henna explosion

In August 1995, the "Ginger Witch" was caught in a henna explosion, but survived. The story made the front page of the Daily Prophet.[4]

Fake henna scandal

In 1996, the Quibbler reported that the "Ginger Witch" was arrested in Caxambu, Brazil with fake henna.[5] The magazine later reported that this scandal lead to her being sent to Azkaban.[6] She was eventually released from the prison on an unknown date.[7]

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