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Grenouille: "I cannot go with you to the market today, Crapaud."
Crapaud: "But Grenouille, I cannot carry the cow alone."
Grenouille: "You know, Crapaud, that I am to be Keeper this morning. Who will stop the Quaffle if I do not?"
— Extract from Hélas, Je me suis Transfiguré Les Pieds[src]

A cow is a domesticated animal with horns, known for its ability to produce milk.

A cow was mentioned in the famous French play Hélas, Je me suis Transfiguré Les Pieds by the French wizard Malecrit. In the play, the character Grenouille says to the character Crapaud that he cannot help him as he is to play Keeper in an upcoming Quidditch match that same day.[1]


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