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Council of Magic
Organisation information

President of the Council of Magic


Governing the magical population of their respective country.


International Confederation of Wizards

A Council of Magic is a governing body of the wizarding community in some countries.[1] Headed by a President,[1] a Council of Magic is, most likely, responsible for regulating and enforcing laws for the magical community, as well as keeping said community hidden from the Muggle world, as is a Ministry of Magic.

Known countries with Councils of Magic

Behind the scenes

  • The Argentinian Council of Magic is the first magical government in the series not to be referred to as a "Ministry of Magic". It is unknown precisely what distinguishes a Council of Magic from a Ministry of Magic, but a possible explanation would be that while a Ministry is answerable (nominally, at least) to the Muggle cabinet, the name "Council of Magic" implies no such thing.


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