Arabella Figg: "I had gone out to buy cat food from the corner shop at the end of Wisteria Walk, around about nine o'clock, on the evening of the second of August, when I heard a disturbance down the alleyway between Magnolia Crescent and Wisteria Walk. On approaching the mouth of the alleyway I saw Dementors running —"
Amelia Bones: "Running? Dementors don't run, they glide."
Arabella Figg: "That's what I meant to say. Gliding along the alley towards what looked like two boys."
Arabella Figg presents her testimony during Harry Potter's disciplinary hearing

There was a corner shop at the end of Wisteria Walk, in Little Whinging, Surrey. According to her not-so-honest testimony before the Wizengamot, Mrs Figg had been buying cat food from this shop shortly before two Dementors attacked Harry Potter and Dudley Dursley, in the evening of 2 August, 1995.[1]


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