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"Paracelsus (1493—1541): Contemporary of Copernicus and Leonardo Da Vinci. A medical genius whose bold theories challanged medieval thought. Credited with discovering Parseltongue."
Paracelsus's Chocolate Frog Card[src]

Nicolaus Copernicus (b. 19 February, 147324 May, 1543) was a Polish polymath who lived during the Renaissance era.[1] He was a contemporary of Paracelsus and Leonardo Da Vinci.[2]

Copernicus is best known for his astronomical work. This included coming up with the first comprehensive heliocentric cosmology, which displaced the Earth from the centre of the universe.[1] In addition, he was a mathematician, astronomer, physician, quadrilingual polyglot, classical scholar, translator, artist, Catholic cleric, jurist, governor, military leader, diplomat and economist.[1]


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