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"So... today we are starting Vanishing Spells. These are easier than Conjuring Spells, which you would not usually attempt until NEWT level, but they are still among the most difficult magic you will be tested on in your OWL."
Professor Minerva McGonagall to her fifth year class on Vanishing Spells[src]

Conjuring Spells are, presumably, a group of spells used to conjure things. Professor Minerva McGonagall mentioned these spells to her fifth year class in September of 1995 when introducing the Vanishing Spell.

Behind the scenes

  • Although it is possible this refers to a group of spells used to conjure things, it is also possible that Professor McGonagall was speaking of an individual spell when mentioning Conjuring Spells, as she also referred to the Vanishing Spell as a plural.


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