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The Conjunctivitis Curse (incantation unknown) is a curse that causes irritation in the target's eyes, causing them to swell shut like the infection conjunctivitis, commonly known as "pink eye". The Oculus Potion ends the effects of this curse.

Known usesEdit

Caster(s) Date Notes
Viktor Krum 24 November, 1994 used this curse on the Chinese Fireball dragon during the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament. However, because the dragon could not see, she crushed some of her eggs that she was protecting, which lost Krum points. Sirius Black, while talking to Harry through the Gryffindor Common Room fireplace, was going to suggest that Harry Potter use this curse on his dragon as well, but was interrupted by Ron Weasley coming down the stairs because he heard voices.
Olympe Maxime June 1995 - November 1995 used this to force Golgomath's companions to drop Rubeus Hagrid when the giants became hostile towards them.


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