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"These plants are most efficacious in the inflaming of the brain, and are therefore much used in Confusing and Befuddlement Draughts, where the wizard is desirous of producing hot-headedness and recklessness…"
—A passage about the uses of scurvy grass, lovage and sneezewort.[src]

The Confusing Concoction, also known as Confusing Draught[1], is a potion which causes confusion in the drinker. Harry Potter had to brew some for his third year Potions exam, but was unable to get his batch to thicken, as was required. He thought he saw Severus Snape giving him a zero.

Harry Potter read about Confusing Draughts while trying to complete homework one night in his fifth year. His mind was so consumed by worried thoughts that he repeatedly read the same passage of text and then fell asleep with the book still in his hands.[2]

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