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{{youmay|concealing charms, spells that conceal secret messages in parchment|[[Concealment Charm|Concealment Charms, spells that conceal things from view and obfuscate inherent magical properties of objects]]}}
{{Spell infobox
{{Spell infobox
|name=Concealing charms
|name=Concealing charms

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"The Revealing Charm will reveal invisible ink and messages hidden by magical means. […] This spell is more than sufficient to overcome the basic concealing charms and so is a favourite of parents and teachers alike."
Miranda Goshawk, Book of Spells.[src]

Concealing charms are spells used to hide secret messages in parchment by magical means (as an alternative to invisible ink). Concealment charms are basic enough a piece of magic to be overridden by a simple Revealing Charm.[1]


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